HI! I'm Mary,

photographer and art lover. I’ve always had an appreciation for the power of a good photograph. I love that photography has a magical way of capturing moments in time; both small and big. 

As a child I would pore over my family photo albums, fascinated to be able to connect to the stories and experiences of family through pictures. Once I was old enough I began using our family camera, and eventually my own to document my life and experiences. 

Since then, I became that friend with camera in hand and now my camera is always along for family outings to the city, sound, or rainforest trail.

I have lived, travelled, and photographed all over the world, from the sunny beaches of California, Florida, and O'ahu to the breathtaking beauty of Japan. I currently live in Port Orchard Washington with my husband, two children, and dogs.

I treasure capturing moments in time, allowing me to revisit them and recall them again. Let me capture those moments for you. 


~natural light family, couples, and portrait photographer in Port Orchard Washington~